Luciana Reynoso is a Peruvian visual artist, mainly works with photography but always seeks to experiment with different media to express art, such as performance, fashion design and graphic design. Based in Barcelona and involved in independent audiovisual projects, editorial design and fashion. She is working in her fashion project called Espíritu Club, a spiritual brand designed to create community.

Starting from a transversal feminist approach and her trajectory; The development of her projects are aimed at the deconstruction of the human being through spiritual introspection and interpersonal relationships and the complex of living together; In addition, explore and study the relationships of humans with non-humans on earth and the complex of living together. Currently my research methodology is based on social, historical and spiritual studies. Most of her projects have been made visible through photography; but recently I have dabbled in performance because I think it is a powerful tool to create art critically. Finally, she wants to say that her artwork will be produced for the community and seeking to enter into social reality and leaving aside the aestheticization of art. , @lucianaxreynoso


Graphic Design Technical Course
SEAS - Grupo San valero

Yoga Philosophy Course
Ashram Krishna Valaram Mandir, Vrindavan - India

Master of Photography, Art Direction and Styling
IDEP Barcelona            
2016 – 2018

Experimental Photography Workshop
MAC Museum, Lima

Bachelor of Marketing
Universidad de Lima    
2011 - 2015

+ Participates with Fiebre Photobook in Libros Mutantes, Madrid 2021

+ Mi Negativo Favorito - part of the exposition Inmensas Ellas in CC Barceloneta, Barcelona 2019-2020.
+ Bardo in RAI, Barcelona 2019
+ Mi Negativo Favorito - part of the exposition Inmensas Ellas in Art Santa Mónica, Barcelona 2018